Complimentary Try Out Scuba

Complimentary try scuba in the pool only to findĀ out if you like to breathe underwater. While staying with us at Kasai Village Dive and Spa Resort you can get this complimentary try scuba pool voucher. If you are not yet into diving, then this 20 minutes session should give you the feeling of breathing underwater. If you feel comfortable with it why you don’t book a full Try Scuba (pool only, ca. 2 hours), Try Scuba Diving (pool and 1 dive on the beautiful house reef, ca.4 hours), Scuba Diver (max 12 m depth, ca. 2 days) or even an Open Water Diver course (max 18 m depth, ca. 3 days). There are endless possibilities to choose from. But there is always a first step to make. Jump in the pool today and take your first breaths underwater.

Try Scuba in the pool in Cebu, Philippines