Technical Diving

Our Technical dive pages are listed on our Kasai Village Dive Academy page at please feel free to check it out and contact us if needed.

Extended Range

Technical diving extended Range SSI XRThese programs form a bridge between Recreational Diving and Technical Diving in Cebu. They are designed to allow you, the recreational diver, the chance to enter the exciting world of Extended Range diving without necessarily having to dramatically change your existing diving philosophy. These programs simply enhance and build upon your existing knowledge. They provide the components that will allow you to use the different gases, new equipment and skills necessary to complete limited decompression schedules

Technical Extended Range

Technical Extended range diving TXR SSIThese Programs are true Technical Diving programs here in Moalboal. They challenge the diver with multi stage unlimited decompression profiles. As with the XR programs, real overhead techniques are covered when participating in the wreck and cave programs. Because of the nature of these extreme programs your training will be incredibly thorough and exacting. Nothing is left to chance and all bases are covered. The high level skills and knowledge during the XR programs are taken a step further allowing you to push not only traditional diving limits but also your own. These are apex programs and once you have completed your training you will be the best of the best.