Equipment Rental

Rental equipment available at Kasai Village Dve ResortKasai Village Dive & SPA Resort has all of the rental equipment you need to enjoy a state-of-the-art diving experience. If you wish to travel light and leave your own equipment at home, we can supply everything you need at a very modest rental price. As you can see on the pictures, we have tailored wetsuits, BCDs, regulators with octopus, computers as well as great snorkel gear (mask, fins, snorkel). Our boutique also has several of these items for sale, especially hoods and vests so that you can opt to layer your dive gear if you get cold from several days of amazing diving.

For more information, our front office and dive personnels are so willing to assist you throughout the whole rental process.

Rental BCDs

With both weight integrated and weight belt options, we have a variety of BCDs to suit your preferences. The bulk of our stock are a new line of Mares Rover and Sea Quest BCDs with fold-out integrated pockets. We also have some Dive Rite harness for the technical divers. We also have a selection of Junior Sea Quest BCDs for kids.

Rental Regulators

APEX and Aqua Lung represent our range of regulators. Our depth gauges read in metric and we both have BAR and PSI available in SPGs. These are regularly serviced and overhauled by our experienced mechanic.

Rental Dive Computers

We are using both Cressi-Sub Leonardo and Sunto Geeko, both are very easy computers and can easily change mode for Nitrox use.

Rental Masks

Our preferred rental masks are Perla/Onda from Cressi-Sub, although we keep a variety of different styles to find your best fit.

Rental Fins

We have a full selection of Mares fins Avanti. For booties, we use Cressi-Sub High-cut 5mm.


We use standard  80cf/12L aluminium tanks (Luxfer and Catalina) as default option for your dive. For those divers with higher air consumption, we also have  100cf/15L tanks available. We also have a number of smaller 65cf/8L tanks which are easier to manage for children and smaller individuals. All our tanks are visually inspected on a yearly basis and we keep our tanks within their hydrostatic test dates. Valves and O-rings are regularly serviced and replaced. The tanks are, of course, included in the price of your dive.

Rental Wet Suits

Depending on the time of  year and water temperature, you may or may not want to use a wetsuit. We have a full selection of Cressi-Sub LEI/LUI 2,5mm in full-suit and shorty for both Men and Woman. We also have a miscellaneous selection of 3mm and 5mm suits to fit a variety of different body types. We also have a wet-suits selection of Aquamundo for the kids.

Equipment Rental per day Price
BCD ₱360
Regulator, Octopus, SPG ₱540
Mask & Snorkel ₱225
Fins & Boots ₱360
Wetsuit 2.5mm Shorty or 3mm Full suit ₱315 / ₱360
Dive Computer ₱630
Flash light with batteries ₱495
Surcharge 15 Lit Tank / per dive ₱150
Scuba set-up BCD/REG ₱800
Scuba set-up BCD/REG/Suit ₱1035
Scuba set-up BCD/REG/Suit/Dive Computer ₱750

Underwater Cameras & Video

For an additional cost, we have a couple of Inova cameras and housing for rent, ideal for the PADI Underwater Photographer coures or just to record your vacation memories. For an additional cost, we have two GoPro video cameras – we can put your photos/videos on your own SD card, disk or online. Contact us for more information.

Underwater Cameras & Video Rental Price
Sealife camera with strobe, per dive ₱1,440
GoPro video camera, per dive ₱1,890

Equipment Repair and Servicing

Kasai Village Dive Team is experienced in repair and servicing of dive equipment. We stock an adequate supply of repair parts for our own equipment and many common small items that fit major makes and models of regulators.  We can assist you should your equipment need an adjustment or quick service.

Don’t miss this wonderful and exciting opportunity! Take that first step and book now through our booking page. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you arrange your trip.