Dive Program

Dive Program Options

At Kasai Village, we offer you a different dive program – Boat diving on our specially designed, locally crafted dive boat called Bancas and Shore diving on our fabulous house reef.

We also offer Night diving on the house reef and guided boat night dives.

Below is a brief overview of each of the diving options.

Boat Diving

Because of our very fortunate location, there is a wide range of superb dive sites within reach of our dive boats. We have more than 30 sites that we regularly dive, all accessible by a normally short boat ride. Boat rides ranges from five minutes up to a maximum of an hour with most sites within minutes from the resort.

There will be a briefing by your guide prior to each dive. A sketch of the dive objective is displayed, the likely conditions discussed and a dive plan rehearsed. Known marine inhabitants and their locations are explained, along with specific advice for photographers. Your guide will enter the water first and if conditions are as expected, the “pool is open”. Otherwise, your guide will amend the dive plan before giving an OK to enter the water. Boat dives always have trained guides to locate and point out marine life and/or assist divers as needed.

9:00 AM – Two-Tank Advanced Dive Trip

Our- two-tank morning dive trip is designed for SSI Advanced Adventurer certified or sufficiently experienced divers. Every morning, we head out to different pairs of sites in Moalboal. The first dive site typically has a maximum depth in the range of 24-30 meters along walls. We then take an hour surface interval while we drive to the next site, during which you can soak up rays and grab some of the snacks and fruits that will be served on-board. The second dive takes place in the shallows where you will explore the many swim-thru caves and coral beds that lie above 18 meters.

Snacks and Fruits are served between consecutive boat dives.

3:00 PM – Single-Tank dives and Snorkeling

Our afternoon dives are designed for certified divers of all experience levels. With a maximum depth of 18 meters, there’s something for novices and veterans alike as we glide over the shallow walls and reefs. If you’d rather spend some time on the surface, you can snorkel during these dives. Children on the boat must be accompanied by a responsible adult at all times.

Shore Diving

Simply gear up, step right out on the beach, get in the water, flip your fins a few times and enjoy some of the most amazing reef life you will ever see!

Here on the house reef, you can spend hours and hours throughout your stay. Most dives will be in a slight current, meaning that you will drift at various speeds along the reef while exploring its beauty. You can enter and exit the water right in front of the resort at high and medium tides. You will need to use the jetty at low tide. Due to our location, you can shore dive at any tide!

You can dive in the amazing house reef in buddy teams beginning at 06.00 a.m.

Night Diving

Night diving at Kasai Village house reef is fantastic! One or two night dives (depending on length of the trip and weather) will be offered from the boats. You can dive any nights on the house reef in front of the resort. Talk to any of our dive guides to assist you. Simply gear up in the diver preparation area and walk-in off the beach.

Night dives should be finished at 9:00 PM, the latest. Special arrangements can be made to dive on extended hours.

Nitrox Diving

Kasai Village offers Nitrox fills for Nitrox-certified divers. Nitrox certification is available at the resort for those who are not certified and would like to earn this certification while on holiday.

Diving Guidelines

It is important to bear in mind that we are in a remote location and that the nearest re-compression facility is in Cebu City and would require an arranged emergency transfer by helicopter or by car. Therefore, we do have some basic guidelines that must be followed to ensure that all our guests have a safe and enjoyable holiday.

Orientation Dive

For your first dive, we offer you a welcome/orientation dive (usually off the beach), where we help check your buoyancy control and safety skills (mask clearing and breathing from an alternate air source). We recommend, however, to rest on arrival day – just talk to one of your guides to set up a time for your dive.

  1. Decompression diving is not recommended.
  2. Solo diving is not allowed.
  3. To protect the reef there is a strict NO Gloves policy at the resort. (exemptions: medical condition and Medical Doctor’s certificate).
  4. One hour minimum surface interval between dives with AIR and 40 minutes if use of EANx.
  5. Please do NOT use any macro frames.

Seeing Marine Life – The Critters

Unless you are an expert critter spotter yourself, staying within visual distance of your guide will greatly enhance your experience. Our staff members have razor sharp eyes and will seek to get your attention to share their finds with you. If you want to see a specific creature, let them know and you may be in luck. As a courtesy, we ask that non-photographers get first looks.

Moalboal Currents

During an average dive in Moalboal, you will likely experience gentle current. Like most other dive destinations, the strength and direction of currents will vary with tides, moon phase, winds, etc. Varying currents are reasons why the marine life at Moalboal is so prolific – the food chain would stagnate without them.

Gear Handling

Since we want you to have the flexibility of diving the house reef at any time, when not on a boat dive, your gear is stowed in a personal space in our dive preparation area. This area is immediately adjacent to the Dive center. When you have confirmed your intent to participate in a scheduled boat dive on our status board, resort employees will transfer your gear basket to the relevant boat for you, as well as all required tanks. Need help with cameras? Not a problem. When the boat returns, this process is reversed and, once again, your gear is conveniently available for house reef diving at your leisure.