Disabled Divers

Free yourself!

Taste the freedom of the 3-dimension by scuba-diving with maximum fun and safety. You can do it! Most disabilities grant you access to this privilege. Kasai Village Dive & SPA Resort has a unique dive operation in this part of Asia for persons with disability.

The resort’s facilities:  rooms, dive centre and boat are well designed for enthusiastic and active disabled people.

You can use your own or the resort’s wheelchair on the boat. All our dive masters are trained and educated to care and guide disabled divers underwater.

Many disabled people experience scuba diving as a therapy. During the dive, physical restrictions are forgotten and in some cases, there is  relief from pain and discomfort. Scuba diving can help people rehabilitate. It can have a positive effect on the mental state because the physical and mental experience underwater is the same for both able-bodied and disabled people.

Disabled Divers Philippines

Diving with disability

If you have a disability, it is essential and mandatory to see a physician before you dive (hyperbaric specialist, sports doctor or your own specialist) who will assess your personal ability for scuba-diving and sign a medical clearance.

If your doctor needs a complete medical form, you can download it here.

For a non-licensed disabled person,  you can look  here for  opportunities to get a passport and explore the 3-dimension underwater world.

People who were certified divers with an international diving organisation before their disability can receive an IAHD certification after meeting the practical and theoretical requirements of their level.