Rock Bar

The seaside bar is perfectly built on top of the rock called Kasai Rock Bar,  a favorite spot of our guests. Located just a few steps away from the beautiful coral beach, the bar is an ideal setting for enjoying the Kasai Village scenery while sipping on your tropical drink. Make yourself comfortable, ask the barkeeper for his latest insider’s tip and, just for a moment, forget about the world outside and enjoy the fantastic sunset.


The Kasai Colada

Dive Resort Cebu


40 ml coconut rhum

40 ml white rhum

20 ml triple sec

20 ml condensed milk

20 ml fresh milk

1 tbsp coconut powder

20 ml blue curacao

2 sliced pineapple

Frozen Flavored  Margarita (Strawberry)

Dive Resort Philippines

 40 ml tequila gold

20 ml triple sec.

40 ml lime juice

20 ml calamansi juice

20 ml strawberry juice