Kasai Aqua Ranger Club

Kasai Aqua Ranger Club was established last 2011 and was founded by the daughter and son of the owner of the resort, Lake and Leo. Since then, we have no member yet until last June 30, 2013 a coy and very smart 6-year old boy decided to join the club and has become the first […]

The Sardines are Back

Pescador Island has been known worldwide for its various marine life abundance and the human skull-structured cave. Pescador Island is inhabited with different marine species from thresher and white-tip sharks to tiny-minuted nudibranchs and of course the very famous, The Sardines. Last May 28, 2013 I had a great opportunity to have a dive experience […]

Great Opportunity

I want to start this blog by saying my BIG thank you to Kasai Village for always giving me an opportunity to dive weather boat dives, housereef dive and night dive. I am very grateful that I have experience all the things in diving that I like to try; night diving, deep diving and nitrox. […]

Tips on Becoming a Certified Scuba Diver

These are just tips on how to become a certified scuba diver. Perhaps, the most important aspect of beginning the process to become certified as a scuba diver is selection of the right instructor- someone who is not only highly qualified and skilled in the sport and as an educator, but also an individual who […]

The 7 Deadly Sins of a Rebreather Diver

I was really thinking very hard what to blog about and so I went outside the office breathe in some fresh air to clear up my mind and back to my working table to do some nursing tasks and I saw a 2008 issue magazine of Action Asia, I held it on my hand, flip […]

”Baby” Diver No More

It has been awhile since I have wrote down a blog and there has been so many things that had happened in my life as a ”baby” diver. I have been diving in the most famous Pescador Island for the very first time. I was not as nervous as before, I have seen many different […]

Myles Grogan’s 500th Dive

It has been awhile since the last time I had my fingers printed on Kasai’s blog spot for I have been busy with other important things, however, I am back writing and let me  start it off by a very common and simple phrase, ” all great things start from a small beginning.” this phrase […]

Green Fins visiting Kasai Village Dive & Spa Resort

Let me start this blog by stating what is Green Fins,Green Fins is comprehensive programme that encourages dive centres and snorkel operators to work together to reduce their environmental impacts on coral reefs by adopting the Green Fins Code of Conduct.The Green Fins project is initiated and coordinated by United Nations Environmental Programme, COBSEA’s secretariat as part of the […]

First Time Diving with the Guests

Hi this is Tanya again, it has been days since the last time I posted a blog, I have been busy with some work stuffs. Today, is the first day of my dive after my OW certification and this is also my first time diving with the guests. I can really tell that this is […]

Certification Day!

This is a bit late now but as they said better late than never and the hype and excitement are still on… Yesterday, I received my certification for open water course together with my other workmates Pablo-Bartender, Warlie-Human Resource Head, Emily- Reservation Officer, and Hermes- Captain Waiter and also Jacob who joined the open water […]