Disabled Programs

Scuba diving is one of the most accessible sports for disabled people. From the first moment that one enters the underwater environment, there is a feeling of well-being. In this totally different world, there is a feeling of freedom, weightlessness and safety.

Many disabled people find scuba diving as a form of therapy. During the dive, physical restrictions are forgotten and, in some cases,  relief from pain and discomfort is experienced. Scuba diving can help people rehabilitate. It can have a positive effect on the mental state because the physical and mental experience underwater is the same for both able-bodied and disabled people.

Disabled diving at Kasai Village Dive Resort

The Disabled Diver

Our programs are designed to work in cooperation with existing scuba diving training organizations and their training programs. The Programs add a new layer on top of the existing diver training, allowing individuals who would have difficulty fulfilling all requirements and standards to experience diving safely with modifications and enhancements to their training and equipment.

More specifics on our dive program for the disabled and dive buddy training will be available soon.

For more information about our dive program for the disabled, send us an EMAIL.