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We at Kasai Village Dive & Spa Resort believe that Human Resource is one of a company’s top priorities. Our people are our best assets, and we give them abundant encouragement and support in developing skills and personal initiatives. We reward productivity and ingenuity.

We continuously aim to provide equal opportunities to those who deserve it. This goes hand in hand with our efforts to boost the local tourism industry and to remain one of the most significant contributors of change and progress to the local community.

Find out what opportunities await every individual and how committed we are as a company.

You take the initiative. We offer endless opportunities.

Dream Job!


Do you love to write? Do you consider yourself adventurous and always ready for the next challenge in life? Then you might be suited for our Dream Job opening!

You need to be inspiring, interesting and able to write in very good English. You will be writing the company blog and also be participating in several online message forums and bulletin boards.

During your time here, you will learn how to scuba dive and will be asked to document your experience during the courses. You will also learn how to take underwater photos and post these online and on the company website.

No scuba skills are required but you need to be a decent swimmer and comfortable in the sea. You should be proficient with computers and usage of the Internet. The number one criterion for this position is your writing style.

Go on, tell us about yourself!

For interested applicants, you may email your resume to

Mission Statement

  • Aim for total customer satisfaction through efficient and courteous service while simultaneously boosting local tourism
  • Maintain a socially responsible company with a workforce that fosters creativity and growth and a commitment to community involvement
  • Encourage and support management and staff in developing skills and personal initiatives, and reward productivity and ingenuity accordingly
  • Provide good working conditions and maintain effective communication at all levels; recognize the importance of each employee and their families
  • Maintain a company dedicated to promoting rest and relaxation at a world-class level and live up to the passage “where living is easy”


Address all your applications to:

Kasai Village Dive and Spa Resort
Attn: Emily Jamero
Phone: +63 (0)32 516 2617