Dive Team

Kasai Village Dive Academy Dive Team

During your holiday on the resort, these guys from the Kasai Village dive team will take care of your diving needs. Many other people will take care of you. All of these people will play a big role in ensuring that your trip is everything that you have wished for.

Michael O.J. Pettersson
SSI Instructor Trainer # 61226, XR and TXR Instructor # 61226, PADI IDC Staff Instructor 71320, ANDI Instructor 512, SSI (NASDS) Instructor, CMAS Instructor Michael Pettersson SSI Instructor Trainer
Nationality Swedish
Born March 1, 1972
Languages English, Swedish, Sign Languages
I have been certified as a dive instructor since 1990. With more than 10,000 dives under my belt, I’m the “grandpa” of the Kasai Village diving team. Since I learned to dive, I’ve been just about everywhere: diving the cold lakes of my native Sweden, the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Indian Ocean, the Caribbean, the North Atlantic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and around the Baltic Sea. That’s a lot of seas! I still have a passion for teaching after more than 25 years as an instructor, for courses such as specialty and leadership. I think the diving just gets better and better. I wouldn’t be able to pick a favorite dive site here; I’d give all of them 3 stars on an average day and every dive site gets 5 stars on a good day. The longer you have been here, the more you can sort out the sensory overload that is the Visayas. I like to work at Kasai Village Resort because we have a professional working staff. But it’s not just the diving; it’s much more the team, the locals, the accommodations, the food — they all come together nicely at this one place.


Joselito “Tata” Cabaron
Dive Master 266217
Nationality Filipino
Born July 31, 1974
Languages English, Filipino
I started diving in 2006. I have more or less 3,000 dives under my belt. I like diving here in the Philippines because it is fun and poses a lot of challenges, aside from having different kinds of beautiful reefs and various types of sea creatures.I love working in Kasai because they have the most organized dive shop I have ever seen in my entire diving experience. Teamwork is evident and we have a very nice and accommodating boss.


Crisheldo “Crish” Ampo
Dive Master 498630
Nationality Filipino
Born October 10, 1985
Languages English, Filipino
I had my first dive job in Palau, US Micronesia and then in Puerto Galera. I have been working in Kasai since 2007. I like working in Kasai because it allows me to provide for myself my daily needs and career stability. I can see that Kasai will be very progressive in the coming years and I want to be a part of that progress.


Alex Rey Ebarsabal
Rescue Diver
Nationality Filipino
Born June 20, 1980
Languages English, Filipino
I have been diving for four years now. I started my diving experience back in 2008 at Dolphin House Resort, Moalboal, Cebu. I’m working in Kasai now because, for me, it is more fun here and the dive shop is very well-organized. It is also very nice to work when you have a great, very supportive boss.


Felix Colubio
Dive Master 266216
Nationality Filipino
Born January 29, 1986
Languages English, Filipino
I’ve been a diver for six years now. I started my diving experience in Moalboal, Cebu back  in 2006. I worked as a dive guide in Balicasag Island, Bohol. I’ve also had a few diving experiences in Apo Island, Negros Oriental. I am having so much fun diving and working in Kasai, spotting both the big and tiny underwater creatures. Kasai provides me with good benefits.


Allan G. Cuizon
Compressor Man/Dive Team Assistant/Rescue Diver
Nationality Filipino
Born May 04, 1988
Languages English, Filipino
I started working in Kasai in 2009 as a compressor man. I feel privileged that the resort gave me an opportunity to learn scuba diving. It was in 2010 when I took my Open Water Dive Course. My instructor was Kalle, a Swedish diver who was having his on-the-job training in Kasai. In February 2011, I took my Advanced Open Water Diver Course. I’m honored to be a student of Sir Jonas, one of the owners of Kasai Village Dive & Spa Resort. I will be forever grateful and thankful to the resort’s management for all the great opportunities and benefits they have given me and my family.


Romeo “Toto” Domugho
Boat Crew Toto Domugho Boat Crew
Nationality Filipino
Born November 10, 1976
Languages English, Filipino
I do not have any experience as a boat crew in my employment history. I am an amateur boat crew. I started working in last May 2013, from there on I have been nothing but a satisfied employee. The benefits that the management provide to its employees are all worthy.This job helps me and my family for all our daily needs. I am happy to be working in here and in the upcoming years.


Jimmy Aquino
Boat Crew Jimmy Aquino Boat Crew
Nationality Filipino
Born May 19, 1981
Languages English, Filipino
I have been working as a boat crew since 1997. I started as an extra boat man in a certain dive resort here in Moalboal, then I was offered a work to be a full-time boat crew and the rest are history. Tata was the one who introduce me to Sir Michael for this job opportunity,this work provided me a lot of benefits that I have never experience before. I am very grateful to Tata and Sir Michael for this opportunity. I chose to work here simply because, it is FUN!