Our History

Kasai Village Dive and Spa Resort – How it started

Michael and Lydia Pettersson Kasai Moalboal Cebu
Kasai Village Dive Resort was established in October 2006 under Swedish management. Since then, it has been meticulously managed by Mr. Michael  Pettersson and his wife Lydia. They are assisted by additional resort staff, dive instructors, divemasters and the local boatmen who are always helpful and familiar with the area. Kasai Village Resort was gradually developed over the years.

Snorkeling and Scuba Diving Far Away from Mass Tourism

The Kasai Village Resort is the destination for divers and nature enthusiasts who are searching for first-class dive spots away from overcrowded commercial areas. For this reason, the resort pays close attention to keeping the diving groups on our boats small (a maximum of four divers for each dive guide). To ensure that you truly enjoy your dives, we put great importance on safety, service and the complete satisfaction of our guests. Before the dive begins, we inform you about the special conditions of the actual dive site, the underwater fauna and flora and specific safety guidelines. Whenever possible, we try to fulfill any personal requests you might have. With regard to language preferences, aside from Filipino, we also speak English, German, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and Swedish.

Environment-Friendly and Sustainable Development to Protect Nature

We maintain a sustainable development of the resort in accordance with nature and the native inhabitants of the island. Our overall aim is the protection and preservation of the unique beauty of the Island of Cebu and its environment. To ensure that future generations will be able to enjoy it, we take good care of the environment; we segregate garbage and dispose of it properly and we are always mindful of the little ways we can take care of our surroundings. Our activities are characterized by a consciousness of our social and ecological responsibilities.

Our accommodations are tastefully designed with attention to detail and the handicrafts of local artists. As one of the primary employers in barangay Tuble, we offer progressive compensation packages and social welfare to our team. We put great importance on an ambience that is shaped by teamwork, goodwill, free exchange of ideas and respect of individual dignity. The relationships that we build among our staff members, as well as with our clients, are driven by a spirit of partnership which engenders involvement, contribution and mutual support.

Ultimately, our culture is our way of life and what we make of it. Our key to success is the capability to learn and to develop. It is all about being an organization that has the drive and desire to transform itself whenever opportunities arise.

It is our pleasure to greet and welcome you to Kasai Village Dive and Spa Resort!